About Cheltenham Group

About Cheltenham Group
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David Murray Perth SEO GuruDelivering SEO Seminars since 1996

My name is David Murray and I have been delivering SEO seminars since 1996, originally in Cheltenham in the UK and now in Perth, Western Australia.  If you live in or around Perth book yourself onto one of our acclaimed SEO and WordPress seminars.

If you don’t live in Perth you can still get the same great content in our series of online video tutorials. 

The video training materials are not simply a video of me delivering a tutorial (like so many of the inferior SEO videos you see on YouTube, along with terrible, almost inaudible sound).

SEO Tutorials | Learn how to promote your websiteOur SEO and WordPress training videos are specially recorded in stunning HD video with fantastic, crisp audio that is a pleasure to listen to.  Each video contains a recording of the screen so that you do not miss any steps.  You can re-watch any videos that you are unsure of, or you might want to watch them every very few months to refresh your memory.

New training videos are added every so often, so that new and emerging topics are covered and older videos are re-recorded and edited when necessary to help keep the content more up to date.  The nature of the Internet and WordPress means that things keep changing.