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SEO Tutorials | Learn SEO and WordPress
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SEO Online Training Course – 50% Discount

WordPress Online Training Course – 50% Discount 

50% Discount off SEO and WordPress tutorials.  Increasingly people are realizing that they can create their own websites using WordPress, rather than having to pay for the services of an expensive website designer.

Creating a website using WordPress is deceptively easy.  Creating a website that gets Google’s attention is a bit more involved. 

Most people think that SEO or Search Engine Optimization can only be done by experts which charge a fortune.  The usual business model employed by SEO companies is to charge you for the initial work done and then to keep on charging you each month for ongoing SEO services.  The annual bill can easily run into thousands.  Worst of all many so called SEO companies are utterly useless and in some cases they may do more harm than good. 

For instance did you know that paying for links to your web site can get your website banned from Google!

As I explain in my videos, the best person to do the Search Engine Optimization of your website is you.  It is your website, you know your business, all you need to learn is how to give Google what it wants and avoiding doing things that Google doesn’t like.

There are two aspects to promoting your website within the search engine listings.  Onsite SEO, which is all about changes your make to your actual website and off-site SEO which is about links and social media integration.

SEOMany small companies have a website but have either no social media presence or create a Facebook and Twitter account and think that this is enough. 

Did you know that YouTube is the second most widely used search engine and also that YouTube is owned by Google (big clue there about its importance). 

Most small business do not bother with a YouTube presence, which is a pity because in many cases it is easier to promote your YouTube channel than a website, and you can use YouTube to drive traffic to your website.     

SEO Online Training Course

WordPress Online Training Course